Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 10 - Piper meets Brooke

No, this post isn't called War of the Worlds because Piper and Brooke did not fight. Everyone was definitely interested in each other and there was hissing. We thougth to have Piper and Brooke eat dinner together, in the same kitchen. Piper was downstairs for about 2 hours tonight. She had stretched out on the couch and was sleeping and dreaming (she was having dream twitches).

Here is a record of how Piper has reacted with each of our cats ---

Henry: Totally cool with Henry. She has hissed at him a few times to let him know who is boss. I think she is protective of her food.

Pearl: She's met Pearl about 2 times, and they seem to be okay. I think Pearl is a little oblivious that she's a new cat...

May: May has growled at every cat that we have brought into the house, including Henry whom everyone loves. I have often found May and Henry curled up together, so clearly May's hissing and growling is just something she does in the beginning. Piper did growl back at May as if to say, "Yeah, you might be three times my size, but smack me and we'll take it outside!"

Vickie: Vickie seemed incredibly interested in Piper, but not aggressively. I think she is an alpha cat and any new cat that comes in is a threat. It is funny though, because Piper and Vickie have been in the same situations: Lost, outdoors and pregnant.

Sabrina: Sabs has only met Piper that one time that she was extremely aggressive. They haven't revisited each other but we are planning on working on it.

Brooke: She has seen Piper a few times near the door and coming in and out of my room, but tonight was the first time they ate together in the same room. Brooke came in and out a few times. There was barely any hissing, which is really good. We're going to continue to feed Piper and Brooke together.

I realy hope Sabrina and Brooke will a) come around to each other and b) get along with Piper. She's already an integral (SAT word much?) part of our family.

Today Piper discovered the new perch she's had in my room for almost a week. She realized that she can get into the little bed at the top and look at the window. Hopefully this weekend we will be able to integrate her into the general population. I hope there is room on the back of my dad's car to add another cat to the little family!

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