Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 9 - Meeting (some of) the gang

Last night, once again, Piper slept right next to me. I love counting on having a warm little furry to sleep next to. I watched a Bourne movie on my iPod so she couldn't really see it. We fell asleep soundly, but were woken up early after 6 am to thunder claps. I was worried that the thunder would scare Piper, but she seemed totally unaware. Although, poor Brooke, was probably hiding in fear.

Sitting on my US/VA history textbook
 Piper seemed like she wanted to just walk out the door and come to school with me. I wish she could! I got back and she was so happy to see me. She even helped me learn about World War 1 when I was doing my homework. I opened the door to go get her some food, and she walked right out of my room! I quickly ushered her back in, but it was clear that she was really ready to be roaming free. After I came back up, I let the door be open a crack so Pearl could sniff around the door frame. She met Piper last night and seemed to be okay with her. They ate treats together by the door but there was a little bit of hissing.

Then, tonight we brought Piper downstairs to the kitchen. Henry hung out with her and it's too funny about how totally calm he is with Piper. Piper met Vicki, who apparently was fine with (I wasn't down there at the time). May didn't notice her. So Piper needs to meet Brooke and remeet Sabrina. If Piper can coexist with everyone out in the general population, that means she has the potential to have found her forever home. Fingers crossed.

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