Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years, 2014!

December 2013
Dear Friends & Family,

Happy New Year 2014! This year has been busy as always. January 2013 found me at George Mason University for my second semester of freshman year. I spent the spring semester completing general education classes and one communications class. My official major is communications with a concentration in journalism and a minor in non-profit studies.

In the summer, I vacationed at our beach house, Cool Cat Cottage and interned at the Cape May Magazine, where I wrote articles for the online website, checked copy on the August issue, and wrote an article A Breed Apart (about the dog show in Wildwood, NJ) published in the Winter 2013 issue. I will intern at the magazine again next summer 2014.  I also worked at Bliss Homemade Organic Ice Cream shop in Cape May as well as becoming a volunteer at Animal Outreach of Cape May County!

I continue to dedicate my Friday nights to saving as many animals as I can for Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, at home in Virginia.

This August, I started my sophomore year at GMU. I finished the semester strong and have a great line up of classes for next semester. I continue to be busy with my pet sitting business and of course, working on my Sandpiper Cat Blog. In May 2013, I wrote my 100th post and I treated myself to a professional make-over done by Glogirly Designs and absolutely love the final product (pictured above). I continue to do 2-4 posts a month featuring book reviews and product giveaways. It has been a wonderful creative outlet for me.

Peace, Love and Cats!
Rachel & Piper

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pearl's Final 2013 Excavation - Oreo Barbie jacket

Hi, my name is Pearl and I'd like to see this Barbie jacket in cat size?

Oh wait, you say it's one size fits all? More like one size fits nobody!

Well, it fits Barbie :)

Happy New Year! 
Love, Pearl

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Zodiac Compatibility with Sandpiper Cat!

From the Official Sandpiper Cat Blog Desk

~I was recently reached out to by a Pet Psychic who wanted to feature a post on my compatibility with Piper. I was so excited to hear what they thought of Piper and I, since we have such a strong bond. All I had to share was my birthday (December 30) and Piper's birthday (September 9) and here it is down below! 

If you're interested in receiving a reading, we may be offering a giveaway in the future. Please leave a comment so I can gauge the interest :) I think everyone would benefit from this amazing opportunity!

And now without further ado...

Family pets have always had a purpose for the productivity of the home. Some dogs would be used to herd sheep, milk from cows would help nourish the family, and the chickens in the coop provided a multi-purpose food item. However, each animal’s role wasn't always the only reason their humans kept them by their side.

The human-animal bond has the potential to be one of the strongest relationships in our lives. The unconditional love and raw emotions that animals exude help form a powerful connection with human and pet. In fact, many believe improved heart health and overall lower stress and anxiety levels are in direct connection to having an animal companion around.

Both being living creatures, humans and their pets also each have specific astrological profiles that can affect the nuances of their relationship. Let’s take a look at Rachel and her cat, Piper (aka Sandpiper):

Rachel – The Capricorn

The Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and it is also an Earth sign. Those born under this sign are notably tolerant, loyal, and responsible. Like the mountain goat – constantly trying to climb higher up the mountain – Capricorn sets their sight high and climbs past any obstacles in order to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile, being an Earth sign always keeps the Capricorn with at least one foot on the ground while they are ascending to their goals. To do this, they will always take a well thought out and practical approach.

Jupiter is the ruling astrological planet on Rachel’s birthday, December 30th. This interjects a higher level of energy to Rachel’s Capricorn traits. Those born on this date are very friendly, loyal, and honest in their expressions. They have an overall positive outlook which causes them to be idealistic but with their Capricornian sense of responsibility interjected to avoid becoming unfocused.

Piper – The Virgo

Virgo pets tend to be very demanding animals. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to make their desires known. Like the human Virgo, you will often see animal Virgos taking extra care to maintain cleanliness. They will either look forward to bath time or spend more time grooming than normal.
The Virgo pet can also be very picky, which plays into their sometimes demanding demeanor.  They know what they want to eat, when they want to play, and when they want to be left alone. They expect you to know all this as well.

While demanding, the Virgo pet also is capable of exceptional love and doesn’t require too much to be happy. They don’t need extravagant food or toys; they just prefer the same toys and food they’re used to. Keeping it simple and consistent is all it takes to keep this animal sign on your side.

Rachel and Piper’s Compatibility

With both being Earth signs, Rachel and Piper are already prone to being a more compatible match. Neither is flighty, and both don’t require extravagance. Since both pet and pet parent can be prone to getting somewhat emotional, they can respect each other’s grounded beliefs, ways of doing things, and desires.

With Rachel being a Capricorn, working endlessly to achieve her goals, she likely took the extra time and effort to figure out Piper. Her patience led to a deeper understanding of Piper and allowed her to keep a consistent schedule that caters to Piper’s needs and desires. With these needs being met, Virgo Piper shines brightly and is able to show great love for Rachel.

On top of that, Rachel nursed Piper back to health. Rachel’s act of love and kindness proved to the Virgo cat that Rachel was loyal and caring. Rachel’s care helped maintain and improve Piper’s health – very important to the Virgo – which further deepened Piper’s feelings for Rachel.

They definitely are a match made in the stars!

Want your own compatibility match up for you and your best friend? Our friends at Psychic Source are professionals with years of experience, and pet psychic readings are a fun way to get insights into your furry best friend’s behavior and quirks!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Review/Giveaway: Saya Papaya Jewelry

Everyone who knows me, knows I am a jewelry lover! I have met amazing people through  my blog and via Facebook. Shannon Gianoni is among those people. Shannon owns the small jewelry business, Saya Papaya. Saya Papaya's mascot is none other than Shannon's black cat, Saya.

Saya sporting a Swarovski crystal on her collar.
I happened to win a pair of earrings on the Saya Papaya Facebook page, and knew that doing a review would be a perfect fit for my blog. Based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Shannon personally creates each and every piece of jewelry sold. A portion of the profits proceed Animal Friends No-Kill Shelter. These earrings are perfect to dress up an outfit, but can be worn on casual days as well. I highly recommend all of Saya Papaya jewelry.

Sandpiper Cat Blog got a chance to interview Shannon and learn about Saya Papaya and how it all came to be. Shannon has graciously offered a giveaway and coupon code for my readers. All information will be at the bottom of the post.

Sandpiper Cat Blog (SCB): How did you get involved in making jewelry? Is it something that you always wanted to do?
Saya Papaya (SP): I have been crafting and making jewelry my whole life. I have always made jewelry for myself and as gifts, and I like to try new trends in jewelry because what I am able to produce is usually less expensive and of better quality than mass-produced options. When I started making Swarovski jewelry, I quickly learned that not only that people want it, but also that it's not really feasible to make a small quantity just for personal use. Thus, Saya Papaya was born, largely by accident!

SCB: What made you use Swarovski crystals?
SP: I use Swarovski crystals because they are the worldwide standard in crystals and nothing else has been able to compare since their inception. Daniel Swarovski started the company in the 1800s, invented cubic zirconia, and created the standards and methods by which Swarovski crystals are produced - something that no other company has ever been able to replicate. By using Swarovski crystals, I feel like I am part of that rich history. Additionally, Swarovski is the only company that produces totally uniform, flawless crystals, with regards to both cut and color. I purchase my crystals in factory-sealed packages to ensure authenticity, but the truth is that any layperson would be able to tell the difference between Swarovski and their competitors. They're that much better.

SCB: What was your first creation? What is your favorite creation? 
SP: When I started Saya Papaya, it included beaded jewelry, which I made for years before I got into Swarovski jewelry. I learned quickly that my Swarovski designs literally outshine my other jewelry, so I donated the remaining inventory of beads to a secondhand clothing store that is a nonprofit organization and donates to dozens of animal shelters and rescues in the Pittsburgh, PA region. I am a corporate sponsor of that charity and continue to have a wonderful relationship with them.

As for my current favorite, I don't think I could choose! I produce a new collection biyearly, and I literally spend hours on each design before it is finalized. Because of that, I have come to love each one for it to make the cut!

SCB: I read that Saya came into your life from a no-kill animal shelter and that a portion of your proceeds goes to that shelter. What made you adopt Saya? How does she inspire you?
SP: I grew up with primarily purebred pets, and I didn't know anything about pet adoption or the number of homeless animals that are euthanized all the time. Because of that, educating people about the plight of homeless pets is very important to me and is the reason why my business has a charitable component.

After moving in to my first apartment, I met and fell in love with my first cat ever, as I had grown up with dogs. With my new found love for cats, my boyfriend and I visited Animal Friends to meet some cats we had seen online. When we visited, those cats weren't available but a little black cat was in a pink cage (pink is my favorite color). Her name was Mamasita, and it suited her. I knew immediately that she was the one, and the rest is history!

I like to make clear that Animal Friends is a no-kill shelter. Pet overpopulation is a serious problem that is everyone's responsibility, not just the responsibility of shelters. The shelters that are forced to euthanize pets take excellent care of as many animals as they can and they do great work. The thing that I love about Animal Friends being a no-kill shelter is that they are able to take in pets from other shelters where animals would otherwise be put down. They see pet overpopulation not as an issue of euthanasia but of education. If more people knew about pet adoption and speutering (spay/neuter), then we wouldn't need to distinguish certain shelters as being "no-kill." 

SCB: What dreams/aspirations do you have for the future of Saya Papaya? 
SP: One of my favorite parts of owning a jewelry business is the people I get to meet. I love getting to know my customers and their preferences, and I hope to continue making jewelry that people love.

Readers can use the coupon code "RSHUBIN" to receive $5 off. Please do note that this coupon code can only by used one time per person only. 

Shannon has graciously offered to give away one pair of the two-stone drop earrings in one of the color combinations pictured below.

Choices exactly as pictured: green, pink, purple or blue.

You can enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Giveaway will run from Monday 12/2/13 12 am EST to Monday 12/9/13 12 am EST. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Only open to US residents. Winner will be notified by email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Receiving free earrings did not persuade my review or opinion. In fact, I wanted to do a review after receiving the earrings. All opinions are mine, honestly.