Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 6 - Cheese, baby food & a new perch.

Piper seems to be a bit more like herself today. I think the pain meds got her out of whack. Last night she curled up with me around 10:30-11pm when I was in bed reading. She had yawned and I noticed her gums were white, which is actually a sign the vet told us to watch out for. It might mean she is anemic, she lost a lot of blood during her spay as it was more complicated than a normal spay.

Piper's paw pads also were a little pale which also made us a little neurotic. Instead of waiting until Friday morning, my parents figured it would be much better to play it safe and take her to the emergency vet. They called and the vet encouraged them to bring her in. Piper and I were finishing Mamma Mia around 12 am and that is when they decided to pack her up. She was all curled up in the crook of my neck and I felt bad letting her go. My mom texted me around 12:20 am when they got to the vet and at some point shortly after, I fell asleep.

I woke up at 4:30 am to go to the bathroom (I seem to wake up around that time when I have a cat in my room) to go to the bathroom. And Piper was curled back up right next to me, as if she had never left. It was so sweet. When I came back in, Piper was picking at her food leftovers from the evening. I got back into the bed and she preceded to use the litter box. It was a very pungent usage and I had to text mom and let her know that I would appreciate it if she came and scooped. *Yes, I know it sounds lazy, but had I scooped it would have required waking my brain up to scoop and bring it to the trashcan and I would have never fallen back asleep*.

Piper had a relatively boring day. I constantly thought about her when I'm at school. I like to get updates from mom to hear about what she does while I'm at school. After I got home around 4, I went upstairs to my room to hang out with her. She was really affectionate when I sat down on the floor. She got into my lap and snuggled up into my neck. She got off and got up onto my bed and looked and I could practically hear her asking me, "Aren't you going to come up and snuggle with me?". So I obliged, grabbed a new book to read from my bookshelf and read a few chapters while cuddling and petting her.

Tonight we went to cat rescue and everyone wanted to hear about how she was doing. I felt like a proud mom to give everyone the report, tell updates about her health and that I needed to buy a few things in the pet store for her. I ended up coming home with a collar, a nice, new scratching post with a little sleeping perch at the top. I know our other 6 cats would absolutely adore it. Piper hasn't gone up into the top part of it, but I'm sure she will eventually. It's a shorter jump into the little nest than it is onto my bed.

The one thing that Piper did that was bad today, was not take her antibiotic pill when my mom gave it to her this morning. She put it in a pill pocket and Piper ate around it, and I found the pill in her little cat bed. Our cat May has to take her steriod pills in it (for a food allergic reaction) and she gobbles up the treat like no tomorrow! Tonight we spent about an hour trying to get her to take the pill; we literally tried everything.

A new pill pocket? Nope. Wouldn't eat it. Pill wrapped in a huge piece of American cheese? No, she kinda gave it a sniff and was like "uhm, I know there is something in there." And I will never eat or look at American cheese the same. Yuck. Our last resort was crushing the pill and putting it in some baby food (luckily we had on hand from the last time one of our cats needed meds). She ate some of it, but whether the crushed pill was in it was debateable. We mushed some party mix treats in it and she ate a little but not all of it. Hopefully she'll eat it when she gets hungry since we left it with her water dish.

I'm really happy that I'm keeping this blog. It's a great creative outlet for me to inform all of Piper's fans about her daily routine. It's just nice to have something inspirational to write about. I heard tonight that a pregnant cat's hormones make her more needy and affectionate and that once the hormones go away, she may not be as friendly. Even though Piper had a miscarriage, she still has the hormones. I think she'll continue to be affectionate.

Tomorow Piper is going to meet the welcome wagon...we're going to let her meet Henry. Maybe use the baby gates so everyone can get a sniff of her. I will get videos and pictures up and update y'all tomorrow!

Glad it's the weekend so I can spend time with Piper!

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