Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Review: Cool Cat Collars

Having a cat that wears a collar and ID tag can be the difference between a lost cat being returned home, or being mistaken as an outdoor cat that never returns home.

Sandpiper Cat Blog always has been and always will be an advocate to have cats that wear collars with ID tags. Regardless of whether your cat goes outside or is strictly an indoor cat, it just makes sense to be on the safe side.

The reason my cats wear collars (and live strictly indoors) has to do with my dad's past cats. They were all outdoor cats (not uncommon at the time), who in the end went missing never to be seen again, or got run over by a car. Of course you can't stop the ladder other than keeping your cat inside, but the former might be preventable by having your cat wear an ID tag.

All of our cats (with one exception) wear collars and ID tags with their names, a phone number and say "I'm lost if outside." My cousin Madeleine came up with the lost if outside line, which was a fairly recent addition to our cat's ID tags.

Henry is our one exception to wearing a collar and tag. I've often judged people who say, "My cat hates wearing collars and we can't force him to wear one." Well, in a do as I say not as I do situation, Henry refuses to wear a collar - he physically takes the collar off and has choked himself in the process. He grew up wearing a collar with a tag - which maybe was too dangly for him as a kitten at the time, and he always acts as if he is wearing a collar with tag and he tries to go after it (even after years of not wearing a collar).

Henry in 2010, wearing a collar. We had embroidered collars with no tags for him.

Henry was very sick a few years ago and would take his collar off every night. Eventually we stopped fighting him to put it back on him, especially after he lost over half his body weight and was essentially at death's door. Henry is microchipped, and the world's friendliest cat, so he is the one exception to our collar/ID tag policy (to my chagrin).

Our other cats don't mind their collars, and it has always been fun to pick out collars to match their personalities.

Piper's new collar. While it comes with an adorable strawberry bell, with 8 cats we don't like them wearing bells. Just imagine 8 cats all jingling! I saved it to use for a craft project.

When the brand Cool Cat Collars  asked me to write a review of one of their collars, I was excited to pick out a fun new collar for Piper. CCC has quite a wide array of collars to choose from. From velvet collars, mustaches, glitter, real leather to various super heroes/heroines, there is something for every cat!

Their website even states: As you no doubt are already aware, the most important reason for getting a cat collar is safety. It is much easier to retrieve a cat should they go astray if they are wearing a personalized cat collar.

A neat thing about CCC, is that they only make saftey collars, that are fit with a buckle that will break away if it gets snagged on anything. Your cat collar can match your cats personality while keeping them stylish and safe.

Cool Cat Collars also sells toys, ID tags, harnesses, and bells and charms.

Cool Cat Collars is based in the U.K., and they ship wordwide. Find Cool Cat Collars on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sandpiper Cat Blog received a complimentary collar to review. Sandpiper Cat was not compensated for the review.