Pearl's Basement Excavations

My mom and I have been joking about writing a column about all the things our cat Pearl brings up from the basement. She brings up the most random toys and continues to carry them in her mouth, and play with them around the house. Scroll down to the bottom for a list of posts.

Pearl in all of her fluffiness.

Let me tell you a little about Miss Pearl. We adopted Pearl in 2006 from the rescue with volunteer with, Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation. Pearl was 1.5 years old when we adopted her, and she just turned 8 years old. We believe she is a Turkish Angora cat, as when she was found she was wandering the streets of Fredericksburg, Virginia, not spayed and with the softest pink paw pads you can imagine.

Pearl is a very friendly cat. She loves nothing more than sitting in your lap and getting a good brushing -- well maybe she loves our black cat Henry, a little more than being brushed!

Pearl and her husband Henry.

Pearl's fetishes include raspy meowing when you wake her up from a nap, licking water from the kitchen sink spout and occasionally playing fetch.

But by far, Pearl's best habit is excavating in our treasure trove of a basement, and bringing up the most random things, that we didn't even know were downstairs (or that she had access to it). So on this page, I will link to the most recent excavations that Pearl brings up from the basement. Enjoy and laugh at the randomness of Pearly Swirly Little Girly.

Launch Post
Pearl's LRD - Little Red Dress
Shoes & bracelets
Oreo Barbie Jacket

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