Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 7 - When Henry meets Piper

"In the movie "Henry meets Piper", the part of Piper is played by a slightly growly Calico, while Henry is played by an unflappable, typically oblivious black male cat. Opening night reviews, generally positive."
-Harry Shubin

I spent another night with Piper curled up against me. She sleeps right against my chest, so I can pet her while I drift off into slumber. Brooke, who occasionally sleeps with me, usually sleeps off to the side of my bed. Unlike Piper who likes to place her head against my pillow next to mine. I find it incredibly sweet that she stays with me all night (though I suppose she gets down to eat and use the litter box).

Piper is still being difficult about taking her antibiotic pill. I can't believe that wrapping it in cheese she merely gave it a sniff; I know our cats would take a flying leap to get a taste of that cheese. Particularly Sabrina, who is a human food fiend. If anyone has suggested, comments are appreciated. Here or on my Facebook.

As the quote at the top of the page says, Henry got in to my room today and met Piper. He has been very interested in the room since we've had it closed. She wasn't aware he came in for a while. I found that surprising.  When he sniffed her food and water, she hissed and let out a smallgrowl. She growled again when he gave her a closer up sniff. I think she is protective of her food because she had to possibly forge for it outside, and the other reason is that she knows she isn't 100% herself since her spay.

Special thanks to Sara, who gave Piper a lovely gift. A pink fleece blanket fit for a princess, and an adorable, sparkly pink collar, that Piper will wear soon. Piper is wearing a kitten collar right now (with fish on it!), her neck is tiny. The vet told us it's possible she is as young as 9 months old. She's truly the baby of the household.

Tonight's movie choices for Piper and I are tied between The Bource Ultimatum  and Legally Blond.  I'm thinking B.U. tonight and Blond tomorrow.  Can't believe it's been a week with Piper! She goes back to the vet on Thursday for a spay check up.

Is there room on the back of our cars to add to the 6 cats? Pictures soon!

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