Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 8 - Tonight's Movie: Mean Girls (1 showing only)

Saturday night, Piper got to meet my best friend Lindsay and her mom. Sunday Piper got to meet our friends Pat and Sussie, and my grandma. It was a full house for her. She took it all in stride, rubbing up along everyone's legs and puring.

Saturday night when I got into bed, she didn't come up for the longest time. She was sprawled out on my floor. I kept calling her and patting the bed. I turned off my light and continued to call her. She wasn't budging. I got off my bed and went down to pet her. She soon followed me up onto bed, where she snuggled up for the rest of the night.  We did wake up this morning about 9:30 am ish to a very odd barking/distress noise from a dog. Piper's whole body perked up and her ears were moving rapidly. I have no idea what was outside, but she even let out a small growl.

Our movie tonight was Mean Girls (1 showing and one showing only). Our star is stealth tortie, Sabrina (aka Regina George) who is suddenly struck with mood swings. Henry plays Gretchen Weiners, who is assertive when need be. Pearl plays Karen Smith, the oblivious to all that is going on. And Piper plays Cady Heron, who is just trying to fit in, in the Shubin household.

The rest of tonight's post is being written in a frustrated manner. As I had mentioned in my last post, Piper met Henry and all seemed to go well. There was a little growling, but there were many things that could have caused that. Henry was Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky and acted totally chilled around Piper.

Around 8:45 pm tonight we thought that maybe Piper should meet Sabrina. Piper's seemed a little more interested in leaving my room. Dad and I figured why not, and I carried her into his room. Inside was Sabrina, Pearl and Henry. I sat on the floor holding Piper and then put her down. Henry was totally calm, Pearl seemed oblivious and Bean (Sabrina's nickname) seemed alert to Piper's presence. Piper went straight into one of the beds in the room (actually the bed of mom's childhood calico, our late cat Marsh, and currently Sabrina/Henry/Pearl's bed).

Everyone got treats and everything seemed to be going fine. Piper was by the bed, Henry and Pearl were near me eating treats, and Sabrina was under a chair. For a moment, it seemed like everything would be okay. Then *BAM* Sabrina pounced out from underneath the chair, hissing and spitting like the little stealth tortie she is and I quickly snatched up Piper. Henry then got right into Sabrina's face as if to say, "back off squirt, she's okay - I checked her out earlier." Both his and Sabrina's tails were puffed up, and Pearl was freaked out in the other part of the room.I was aghast how quickly the whole thing happened. I know Sabrina has issues with Brooke and sometimes things turn ugly. Like the time when Brooke literally scared the poop out of Sabrini (another one of her nicknames).

Dad, as I, were both upset. Things seemed to be going okay and they drastically changed in seconds. Dad felt like it was a sure sign that we couldn't keep her and that no one could get along. I don't want to feel discouraged, but it is hard not to. But I have to remind myself (and Dad) that it was the first time that Sabrina and Piper met, she met 2 cats at one time, Sabrina has issues with Brooke and that we're just going to have to work on it. Sabrina and Brooke are probably going to have to be on Prozac. I think it is what it is.

Henry is currently in my room, sprawled out under my bed. Piper is aware that he is in here, but she doesn't seem unhappy. I don't know what to do. I really want to keep Piper and I'm aware of the fact that if she can't get along with Bean, that it's just not going to work out. I feel bad about it, because after Piper's miscarriage I felt really bonded with her. But having Sabrina always closed into the master bed room is hard on everyone. We can't have two cats that live in two separate rooms. I mean, if Bean and Piper got along and could be in still isn't great, but we could keep working on it.

There is a lot of pressure with having 7 cats (keeping in mind that only 6 are ours). I hate that Brooke and Sabrina can't get along. Sabrina was our foster for a while and we adopted her, even though we had to work on getting her and Brooke to get along. I mean, we have an actual pet therapist who comes once a year and emails frequently to get Brooke and Piper to get along.

I'm trying to keep our foster Piper in perspective. It's a work in progress. I love my 6 cats and wouldn't give any of them up. More tomorrow.

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