Saturday, December 31, 2011

You say Goodbye, but I say Hello!

Wrapping up an incredible 2011 is hard to put in just a short post. In 2011, Piper joined my feline family and started my blogging regime. Without her, this blog wouldn't even exist. I am thankful that she ended up with my family, even if it upped our fabulous feline family count to seven (EHH!) cats!

Piper was my miracle. She has showed me that you can overcome life's hardest obstacles, like when Piper lost her five kittens due to a miscarriage. In a matter of a few weeks after, she bounced back to health and started her new life as a Shubin family cat.

Without Piper, this blog would not exist! I would not have met so many wonderful contacts at BlogPaws in August, and met them again at the Cat Writers' Association Conference in November. I never thought that I would only be eighteen years old, and already have a blog with followers and Sandpiper Facebook fans!

I love coming on to my blog and seeing the feedback, as well as leaving feedback and comments to my other blogging friends. I have met so many people, like Amanda LeGaux of the Greenies Team! They sent Sandpiper Cat a lovely Holiday card and Greenies treats! (Which came in handy when Sabrina and Piper made a jail break at 2 am and had to be lured back into my parents' room).

Thank you to all the wonderful mentors I've had, Ingrid King of Conscious Cat, Deb Barnes of Zee and Zoey, Layla Morgan Wilde of Cat Wisdom 101, Stephanie Harwin of Catsparella, Caren Osrin Gittleman of Cat Chat with Caren and Cody, Angie Holland Bailey of Cat Lady Land, JaneA Kelley of Paws and Effect, Janiss Garza of Sparkle Cat, Kate Benjamin of Modern Cat, Tamar Arslanian of I Have Cat, Robin Olson of Covered in Cat Hair, Teri Thorsteinson of Curlz and Swirlz  and so many other wonderful women who continue to blog daily!

Happy New Year from Piper and Rachel!
And I am very proud to announce that one of our upcoming January posts will be an interview with Jackson Galaxy of My Cat From Hell! Don't miss the premiere of My Cat From Hell Season two on Animal Planet, Wednesday January 7th, 2012 at 8pm EST!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to the Dog Locked the Car

Animals always find me. As my family likes to say, the S in Shubin stands for sucker. And it does.

I was in the TJ Maxx parking lot getting some last minute gifts and I noticed an adorable puppy in the car next to me. I called it, thoughtnt was adorable and went into the store. As I shopped I thought about the dog and how it was cold outside. As I walked back to my car I saw that the dog was still there. I wasn't going to leave and go home and not feel guilty that the dog was locked in the car. I called my mom and she said you can wait but I don't know what you can do.

Thank goodness for my smart iPhone! I googled what to do if you saw a fog locked in the car. It mostly showed me answers for dogs in cars during the summer. I decided to search for the non emergency police. I calle and they dispatched an officer who showed up right away.

He watched the puppy, who we seemed to have woken up from a nap. He felt the engine and said it did still feel warm. But since it wasn't hot out and the dog didn't seem to be in distress, there wasn't really anything he could do but check back later. I felt defeated, but kindly thanked the officer and shook his hand. I wanted to see animal justice served, but I guess you don't always get what you want!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Three Dogz Giveaway Winner Photos

Azizah of won our last giveaway! Here are some pictures of her cats enjoying the goodies.



Ellie! What a face!
You can see Azizah's post here. Thanks for the pictures Azizah!

Hey all! Just an update for our fans - the 50th Facebook 'like' will get some fabulous goodies in the here's to it! Sandpiper's Facebook.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Hanukkah ~ Festive Cat Menorahs!

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. Almost a month without a post, and I'm ashamed. But I have been fervently working on college applications and homework, so I was being productive and not just lazy!

As so many wonderful posts have been written about Hanukkah by A Tonk's Tail...err, Tale, and our friends at Cat Wisdom 101! You can read their articles via the hyperlink.

As the eve of Hanukkah closes, I wanted to show you the cat menorahs that my family uses to celebrate Hanukkah. Enjoy and happy holidays!

This one is only decoration!