Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 4 - Piper is home and recovering!

Piper hanging out in my room after coming home
Piper finally came home this afternoon from the vet. She was spayed and all seems well. She is on pain meds but she is eating regularly and using her little box. I'm just so glad my little girl is okay. The front of her paw was shaved a little for the IV, it's a soft little patch of shortened fur. I'm sure it will grow back fairly soon.

Right now she is eating her food. She burys it, just like Sabrina did when she came into our home. Of course, Sabrina taught it to Pearl and Henry who both do it now. It's funny; obviously it's something they do out in the wild - but can forget and even learn from another cat. Cats are just so facinating.

Piper likes to have a fuzzy fleece blanket over her little cat bed. We're trying to get her to sleep in it. Mom built a little stair case with blankets, my futon (which apparently is actually a "foot stool") and a chair. It goes up to my bed, as the vet said she shouldn't be too active since she was just spayed.

My goals for Piper are to put on weight as she is just too skinny. I want to get her playing actively after she's completely recovered from her spay, and I also want her to meet the welcome wagon. I know Henry is interested in getting into the room since he met Gabby. Brooke is also facinated with my room. She did get in this morning, but Piper hadn't been picked up from the vet yet, so no one has met her yet.

Today we got a wonderful picture from the family who adopted Gabby. They have a bull dog and they have been working hard to get her to get along with Gabby. This picture shows Gabby on a desk in a bed, with Lola the bull dog is below.

Poor Piper just tried to jump onto my bed and couldn't make it - it's a high jump. I think she is still a little woozy from her medicine. Oh man, she gives me that look. You know the one, it's the one that got you to adopt your cat or dog. The Look that trumps all other looks. It says "I love you so much, thank you for saving me." And that look got Sabrina adopted. And Vickie. You know where I'm going with that :)

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