Friday, April 22, 2011

Gone off the deep end - 7 cats!

I'm back, and I'm sure by now that you know Piper is ours. We officially adopted her on April 8th, only a few weeks after her arrival. What a cat, let me tell you! She is a very vocal cat, she has different sounds for every thing. She has her I'm happy to see you voice, her treat voice and her food voice and a couple of others as well.

Someone had told us she might not be as friendly after all her pregnancy hormoes wore off. I didn't think for a second that that would be true. She lost a little of her neediness, but she is certainly independent. She's definitely smacked everyone. Henry, Pearl, Sabrina, Brooke, May and even Vickie! She has her bubble and doesn't like it when cats invade her space.

Brooke has still been stalking her while she is out, but can be distracted. As well as Brooke falling asleep. But she is attentive to Piper's activities. Sabrina bean has been doing well with Piper, but she still is scared and they both hiss and swat if they get too close.

The dynamics in the household have definitely changed. Piper has no fear of bossing anyone around. Sabrina and Brooke (fingers crossed) have made a lot of progress when they're in the room together. We're still not at the point where everyone can be let loose. But Piper does roam the house during the day, without us always keeping tabs on her. At night and when no one is home we do keep her in my room. I don't think she minds that at all, it's her nap time.

The porch seems to be neutral territory for Piper and Brooke. They don't seem to smack each other on the porch, unless one gets too close. Piper was sitting in the rocking chair the other night and Brooke walked by and Piper smacked her through the hole of the chair. It was really funny.

School and life really overwhelmed me and prevented me from just sitting down and updating my readers on what has been going on with Piper. After we knew we were going to keep her, I kind of just stopped blogging, but posted updates on Facebook. I will try to update the blog more frequently, now that I've gotten back onto the wagon!

Purrs ~~ Piper & Rachel

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