Monday, February 17, 2014

Alice Hannah Designer Scarf Review & Giveaway

I am all about finding good cat accessories to wear. Finding a complete set of gloves, a scarf and hat that all go together can sometimes be daunting. But be daunted no more with the chic and dazzling Alice Hannah Cat Jacquard set featuring gloves, a scarf and hat! (Bonus - palm warmers that I didn't review but look excellent).

The set features a lack cat silhouette, with a red bow that makes it pop!
Alice Hannah is a fashion design company based out of London. Created in 2007 by duo Claire Pitcher and Steve Blackburn, Alice Hannah is dedicated to specialty and quality accessories. The company is named for Pitcher's mother.

In January, I traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during 40 degree Fahrenheit weather. The scarf looked adorable. It's great to be able to travel looking stylish and warm.

I'm a firm believer that the clothes you wear, enhance your attitude and general feeling. Wearing the Alice Hannah Cat Jacquard set makes me feel f(el)ine (get it? fine/feline?) 

 On a 30 degree day, right before a huge snow storm, I popped outside to take some pretty pictures to show you the complete set.

The set is a lamb's wool blend, which is soft and sturdy.

If you have a need to clean the set, it can be hand washed.

Overall, the scarf, gloves and hat set are a stunning trio that bring out the feline inside! I highly recommend the Alice Hannah products, as they are well made whilst remaining stylish! 

And now for our giveaway! Sandpiper Cat Blog is pleased to be giving away a brand new trio set for one lucky winner.

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Receiving free set did not effect my review or opinion. All opinions are mine, honestly.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

3rd Annual Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

Valentine's Day always holds a special place in my heart (no pun intended) as I always received an M&M candy heart from my grandparents. Even though I am no longer a kid, my grandma still buys the candy hearts for my brother and me.  It is a tradition I look forward to each and every February 14.

My latest Valentine's Day tradition of the last two years, has been writing a Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Cat Lovers! This year is my third year writing the guide. View the last two years here: 2012 Valentine's Guide & 2013 Valentine's Guide.

All items are hyperlinked so it will take you directly to the source where you can buy the item.

Without further is the official Sandpiper Cat Blog 2014 Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Cat Lovers!

This beautiful Himalayan Cat pendant from Susan Faye, is just striking. With the lilac purple backround and the pop of pink flowers, it is sure to please the jewelry lover in your life. Susan creates all of her designs and her pendants are exquisite! In September 2013 I wrote a spotlight post about Susan and her jewelry, which you can read here.

Susan also creates beautiful fused glass art and this love star is a perfect piece to hang in your home for Valentine's Day and all year round.

It isn't Valentine's Day without those delicious candy conversation hearts, now is it? These catnip pillow toys are the perfect way to tell your cat you love them! They are made to order so the 100% organic catnip stays fresh.

Now, no cat lover should be without this item...

This Cat Print Tote is from the one and only Target. I love sharing my love of cats with the world and this bag is certainly an eye catcher. It can be found both online and in stores.

In a holiday all about love, there are certainly a few anti-love on February 14. Of course, one of those anti-love felines is Grumpy Cat of course! This Grumpy Cat Valentine Plush can be customized to say exactly what you want!

Macarons have become increasingly popular recently, and I absolutely love them. I even made macarons last weekend and they were delicious. So now I can share the love of macarons with my cats! I came across these adorable little Valentine's Red & Pink Macaron Cat Toys on Etsy, made by Whimsily Ever After. These are the perfect treat to tell your cats "I love you!" ~~ Stay tuned for a review and giveaway of Whimsily Ever After's macaron cat toys, coming to you right here, later this month.

And last but not least, the Peach Industries Kitty Lounger Mini in Pixie. Pixie is a raspberry pink print. I have previously reviewed the Peach Industries lounger, which you can read here, and can definitely say that their modern cat bed is the best (and most coveted) kitty snooze spot in our household!

I hope you've enjoyed this list of fun Valentine related cat items. Let me know which item is your must have! Happy Valentine Shopping!

xo >^..^< ox

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bobby's Bulletin - Hungry Like the Wolf

Bobby has been home in Virginia for one month and he has grown so much already. It amazes me how much he is able to eat and then pitifully manly meowing for more food! It has been years since we had a young and fiercely hungry kitten in our home. 

Bobby is comfortable living in my parents' room with Piper. They both like to take little excursions out of the room daily. Bobby is confident with all the cats, even Brooke (our tortie) who can sometimes be agressive. Nope, he just plays with her like he does with all his aunts and uncle! 

Bobby gives me a kiss.

This picture above was when Bobby and Piper were still learning to appreciate each other. They have come a long way, as I have caught them curled up with each other. Bobby loves everyone! Piper was weary of Bobby at first, but she has accepted him into the Shubin fold.

Busted, I know you like each other.

Of the other five cats, Bobby definitely loves Henry (on right) the most! Maybe he gravitates toward Henry because he is also a black cat. Henry likes Bobby, I think because they are warm when they curl up together. 

When Henry went to the hospital a few weeks ago for a virus, I definitely think Bobby knew he was missing! He gave Henry a big kiss and head butt when Henry came home.

Curled up for warmth.

Bobby has become accustomed to all sorts of beds, including the Peach Industries mini kitty lounger.

Bobby wants to send a big hello to his friends and family (Charlie, Polly - that means you!) at Animal Outreach of Cape May County. He hopes all his buddies are doing well and will get adopted soon. And thank you to our Animal Outreach friend Eileen, who sent this unbelievably adorable baby Bobby picture!

Precious little Baby Bobby!

This is Bobby and Rachel, signing off from your latest Bobby Bulletin! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The "New" Sandpiper Cat Blog

 ~From the Desk of Sandpiper~

Dear Readers,

In the month that has already gone by in 2014, there has been a great deal of change happening in the Shubin household. We rescued a kitten, Bobby from Cape May, and added him to our home. He hasn't stopped growing (or eating) since we adopted him. Please stay tuned for a Bobby's Bulletins update this weekend! 

Piper dealt with a bout of a virus that has traveled through the house to the rest of the cats. We've been recuperating and trying to return full force. Our diabetic cat Henry was hospitalized for a few days as the virus spiked his blood sugar too high. Right now, everyone is getting a lot of love and relaxation. I hope everyone will be back to normal in no time.

Meanwhile, I have been making some changes on the blog. Our third blogging anniversary occurs in the month of March, and I went ahead with a little plan I have been brewing since the start of Sandpiper Cat Blog. A big change, that I have been biting my tongue as I've been waiting to tell you. But....

Now the change is here (and boy did it take forever)! Piper and I made the executive decision to drop the "" portion of our URL out by registering our own domain name. You can now find us here at! We're still in the same location, same content and past posts - just under a different URL.

So please bookmark our new URL link, subscribe to us by email and stay tuned for February fury & March madness...there are many giveaways about to posted :)

Rachel & Piper