Tuesday, September 13, 2011

National Capital Cat Show Review

This weekend on Saturday 9/10/11 I attended the National Capital Cat Show at the Dulles Expo Center. Among the many vendors were my friends Ingrid King , owner of the Conscious Cat, Renee Austin of Whimsy Cats Care and Dr. Fern Slack of RockSpirit Designs. Other vendors I stopped at were The Cats Closet - located in Fredricksburg, Virginia - and Silhouettes by Stephanie.

At The Cats Closet booth, I found a pair of dangle earrings that are a cat for one ear and a mouse for the other. They are pink with little gem stones. They come in pink, purple, white and a few other colors and are $10 a pair.
Cat and Mouse earrings

At Silhouettes by Stephanie's booth, I picked up one of her little cat necklaces. I had purchased one last year, a white background with four black cats, and wore it all the time as well as received many compliments. After entering the show, I made a beeline for her booth to check out the new designs. This year I purchased a necklace charm slightly bigger than last year's. It has a black cat with a street sign that reads 'Free Fish.' My mom bought a luminescent necklace charm that has a black cat sitting in a bare branched tree.

The blue charm is priced at $20 and the luminescent charm is priced at $35. You can email Silhouettes by Stephanie at szeman2@verizon.net to see what she has in stock.

My last purchase was a small rose amethyst charm from Dr. Slack's booth. Her company, RockSpirit Designs, creates necklaces, earrings, charms and cat collars with many different stones, each with a special healing power. The rose amethyst charm I have is for healing stresses such as anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, etc.

Dr. Slack at her wonderfully set up  booth.

I would say that this year's cat show was a success. There were many rescues there, which I always like to see. Next year I won't be able to attend the show as I will be in college (a frightening thought)!

Upcoming posts will include a review of Modern Cat's Junk Food Flyers, as well as a few other pet toy reviews.

These reviews were conducted of my own personal accord and I have not been paid for them. I purchased all the items I reviewed and was not compensated for them whatsoever. Rachel E. Shubin.

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