Saturday, September 3, 2011

Help pay for Kat Khamir's Surgery

Kat Khamir (pronounced cat come here)
Tonight’s post is something all pet lovers can relate too; sick pets. Whenever your pet is sick, you live vicariously through any improvements seen in your pet. If kitty so much as sneezes, your blood pressure soars.

We always knew that our cat Henry suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which makes his stomach more sensitive than any of our other cats. He also has runny eyes due to having either no tear-ducts or blocked tear-ducts: a result from a rip-roaring eye infection as a kitten (before we had him).  But after we got back from vacation in July, Henry just didn’t seem like himself. He was sleeping curled up tightly in a ball, when he is usually a cat who likes to sleep all stretched out. He had started to lose weight and then he started hiding in the back of my parent’s closets. I was extremely worried about him when he started hiding at night – because hiding is what cats do when they’re dying.

Henry was diagnosed with Herpes (causes the runny eyes), two bacterial infections; Mycoplasma Felis and Bordetella, as well as uveitis in one of his eyes which ended up becoming both eyes. He acquired a plethora of medicines, ointments, eye drops and antibiotics. He is doing better now, but he still has a bit more of recovering to do.

However, tonight’s post is not about Henry, it is about a woman who contacted me via my blog. Kevin Tijerina has a cat, Kat Khamir (pronounced cat come here) that has bleeding masses in her body and needs a very expensive surgery to save her life. As we all know, vet bills are costly and invasive surgeries as this one will be is very pricey. Kevin has created a website,, to help raise money for Kat. She says anyone who donates $20+ will receive a handmade pillow with Kat Khamir on it.

Kat (top) with her friend Leechee (bottom)

Kat enjoying fresh air

Kat has traveled with Kevin through Texas, Illinois and California and has been with Kevin for 8-10 years.

Kat needs $5,000! Keep in mind, any donation helps. If you can’t donate, please share with your friends.

Contact Kevin:

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  1. Thanks for the blogging :) kk needs all the love and support, and as many new friends as she can get!!!