Thursday, September 29, 2011

Junk Food Flyers from Moderncat Studio

Tired of boring old cat toys? Want something eco-friendly and crinkly, that you know your cat will love? Then you need to buy Junk Food Flyers from Moderncat Studio! Created by Kate Benjamin and tested by her kitties!

These flyers are made from "clean recycled cat food bags" as stated on a card included with Sandpiper Cat's Junk Food Flyers. Kate sent Sandpiper Cat two Junk Food Flyers to write a from the head cat Piper and her assistant Sabrina, we bring to you, Sandpiper Cat Blog's review of Junk Food Flyers.

Sabrina inspecting her new toy.
 Piper's review


Get a whiff of that!
Deez krinkley crunchy toys are one of my new favorites. I liked to hold the crinkle in between my pawz. It even makes a good hat! I think other kittiez would like these toyz because they are fun to chase! They try to runz away but I am so fast I can catch it! I have to share mine with Sabrina, but she likes to runz around with themz on the bed.

Sabrina's review!

I never hadz these junk food toy before. I like to have my mom throw them up into the air so I can demonstrate my super kitty flying powerz and jump to catch them! Watch me catch them on the bed here:

The Junk Food Flyers can be purchased on Kate's Moderncat Studio Etsy shop. Junk Food Flyers can be purchased in a set of 5 for $5. Shipping is $2 in US, $2.50 Canada and $3 anywhere else.

Junk Food Flyers will have your cats running around like crazy! These are worth purchasing!

Visit Moderncat Studio at

I have in no way been compensated for my review. Moderncat Studio sent the toys to me to review for free. This review is solely my own opinion.

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