Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The "New" Sandpiper Cat Blog

 ~From the Desk of Sandpiper~

Dear Readers,

In the month that has already gone by in 2014, there has been a great deal of change happening in the Shubin household. We rescued a kitten, Bobby from Cape May, and added him to our home. He hasn't stopped growing (or eating) since we adopted him. Please stay tuned for a Bobby's Bulletins update this weekend! 

Piper dealt with a bout of a virus that has traveled through the house to the rest of the cats. We've been recuperating and trying to return full force. Our diabetic cat Henry was hospitalized for a few days as the virus spiked his blood sugar too high. Right now, everyone is getting a lot of love and relaxation. I hope everyone will be back to normal in no time.

Meanwhile, I have been making some changes on the blog. Our third blogging anniversary occurs in the month of March, and I went ahead with a little plan I have been brewing since the start of Sandpiper Cat Blog. A big change, that I have been biting my tongue as I've been waiting to tell you. But....

Now the change is here (and boy did it take forever)! Piper and I made the executive decision to drop the "" portion of our URL out by registering our own domain name. You can now find us here at! We're still in the same location, same content and past posts - just under a different URL.

So please bookmark our new URL link, subscribe to us by email and stay tuned for February fury & March madness...there are many giveaways about to posted :)

Rachel & Piper

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