Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bobby's Bulletin - Hungry Like the Wolf

Bobby has been home in Virginia for one month and he has grown so much already. It amazes me how much he is able to eat and then pitifully manly meowing for more food! It has been years since we had a young and fiercely hungry kitten in our home. 

Bobby is comfortable living in my parents' room with Piper. They both like to take little excursions out of the room daily. Bobby is confident with all the cats, even Brooke (our tortie) who can sometimes be agressive. Nope, he just plays with her like he does with all his aunts and uncle! 

Bobby gives me a kiss.

This picture above was when Bobby and Piper were still learning to appreciate each other. They have come a long way, as I have caught them curled up with each other. Bobby loves everyone! Piper was weary of Bobby at first, but she has accepted him into the Shubin fold.

Busted, I know you like each other.

Of the other five cats, Bobby definitely loves Henry (on right) the most! Maybe he gravitates toward Henry because he is also a black cat. Henry likes Bobby, I think because they are warm when they curl up together. 

When Henry went to the hospital a few weeks ago for a virus, I definitely think Bobby knew he was missing! He gave Henry a big kiss and head butt when Henry came home.

Curled up for warmth.

Bobby has become accustomed to all sorts of beds, including the Peach Industries mini kitty lounger.

Bobby wants to send a big hello to his friends and family (Charlie, Polly - that means you!) at Animal Outreach of Cape May County. He hopes all his buddies are doing well and will get adopted soon. And thank you to our Animal Outreach friend Eileen, who sent this unbelievably adorable baby Bobby picture!

Precious little Baby Bobby!

This is Bobby and Rachel, signing off from your latest Bobby Bulletin! 

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