Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review/Giveaway: Peach Industries Kitty Lounger Mini

Let’s face what all cat owners know. Cats sleep a lot. Cats can sleep on average thirteen to fourteen hours, even up to twenty hours a day.

My cats like to pick the funniest places to sleep. In our lazy Susan, cabinets, by the vents, under desks, on the kitchen table, on plastic bags…you name it, they have slept there! Occasionally they like to sleep in beds, but you are more likely to find them on a couch or our beds.

Being cats of a modern time, there are all sorts of cat beds that are offered. From high up pods to foamy pillow pads, there are many cool beds.

But the coolest bed we have come to use so far? The Peach Industries Kitty Lounger Mini!

Image from Peach Industries.

This lounger  pet bed is so easy to assemble. It comes with directions so simple, that even I was able to put it together (I’m really direction dysfunctional). The moment I put it down, a cat was in it! I was not sure if they would understand that this new little hammock bed was actually a bed to sleep on, but apparently my cats are smarter than I give them credit for! Everyone loves this bed! Piper was very pleased to curl up in it. The moment she got out of it, Brooke jumped on.

Piper on the lounger for the first time.
I have even caught Henry and Pearl in the lounger. This kitty lounger mini is perfect for pets of all ages. For reference, Piper is 2, and Henry, Brooke and Pearl are all about 7.5 years old. No one is over ten pounds, though the bed can accommodate a pet up to 15 pounds. The lounger cover is very durable and it is machine washable (lay flat to dry).

The creators behind this amazing bed are Mike and Georgia Barbush. This product came to be when the Barbushes put together their combined minds of an industrial designer and a vet technician! They created their product to maintain a sleek home environment designed for pet comfort and human aesthetic.  

Henry was so happy to stretch out his toes on the new lounger.

The Peach Industries Loungers are assembled with no hardware (yay!). Like I said, the covers are machine washable and should be laid flat to dry. The covers are sewn with 100% USA cotton and 100% USA thread (double yay for an American made product). They even come with adhesive foam beds if you want to have your lounger on a hard wood floor.

Overall, we give this lounger both paws up! Four out of four cats agree that this is the most pawsome bed around!
Brooke gives this lounger two paws up!

And guess what? YOU, my readers, have a chance to win a kitty lounger mini! We are giving away one kitty lounger mini. The winner will be able to pick the color of the cover. Entry details below.

Connect with Peach Industries on their website; Facebook; Twitter.

But moooom! Brooke stole my lounger spot! -Piper

Giveaway Rules: 
-Open to United States only

-Use the Rafflecopter link below

-Giveaway will be open Thursday 10/17/13 to Thursday 10/24/13, opening/closing at 12 am EST.

Receiving a complimentary lounger did not influence my review whatsoever.

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