Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Visiting with Zelda the tortie

Every time I find myself in the shopping center by my house, whether it is to pick up groceries from Safeway, or get something from the latest Vera Bradley collection, I always wander over to the vet in the shopping center, and look in on the cats they have up for adoption.

And it's not only me who does this, my mom and brother love to look too. I guess it's the cat sucker in us, that always has to check out the kitty in the window.

And of course, there happened to be a cat there yesterday when we were picking up sandwiches. But this cat wasn't just any other cat. She was a tortie, looking dead at me through the window. I dragged my mom and brother in to go look at this little kitty.

It turns out, her name is Zelda and she is the vet practice's cat. She was so friendly and affectionate, the typical opposite of a tortitude. She rolled over onto the chair for a belly rub and was so into the attention that she rolled off of the chair!

Needless to say...I'll probably find myself back at the vet sooner than visit Zelda!


  1. Ohhh my goodness I'd be a sucker for that face! What a sweetie! It's interesting about the tortitude - my brother has a tortie who is a total mush ball and loooooves people and looooves to snuggle!

    1. Her face was really the cutest! Yes, tortitude is a well known feature of tortie cats, trust me! I have a tortie and she runs on her own agenda!

  2. FaRADaY: Oh My Cat - a TORTIE who won't SWAT at you?!? *bug eyed look* Mowzers....

    Allie: (he does that bug-eyed thing pretty well, doesn't he? Kind of makes up for annoying comments like this. *sigh*) I'm so glad you were able to visit Zelda - that is, if you couldn't visit *me* instead!