Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Many Milus of Jason Wu (Wu Experience Post 2 of 3)

The most exciting part of the Jason Wu for Target collection was that Milu the Cat was featured on a few of Jason's items. As any cat lover knows, these cat items were a must have.

The best part about the Jason Wu collection items with the cats on it, is not only that they are cats...but specifically black cats. Black cats get a bad rap for being hard to adopt because they don't photograph well or are associated with superstitions. But man, those people who don't have a black cat? You're missing out on the sweetest cats there are.

When I knew Jason Wu was featuring black cats, I knew that he was a wonderful person! The fact that Milu the black cat will be so popular will get people thinking about black cats in general, and that's a start.

A group on Facebook called Jason Wu for Target :: Swap, Sell & Buy started to help people who did not get any Jason Wu items, or the items that they wanted, get them. People are selling only retail prices, not the jacked up eBay prices, in addition to sales tax, shipping & PayPal costs.

Everyone in this group seems to have each other's best interests in mind. They all monitor the conversations, watching for what people need and going to Targets and buying the stock. Then selling what they have to the other members in the group. Some of the women (and men in the group too!) are making multiple Target runs (one person went to 12 Targets in a day) to buy items for each other.

I've been guilty of buying 4 things through this group, and selling four items so far.

But back to the cats...everyone seemed to have a cat that resembled Milu, or tried to! Even my little Sabrina looks just like Milu. So I (will) have to get in on the action and post a picture of my Sabrina/Milu look alike...but for now I am featuring everyone else's Milu!

Credit to Shannon Sung
Credit to Gail Krueger Carriveau

Credit to Maria Ines Ocampo
Credit to Sarah

Credit to Melissa Arning

Credit to Sarah Wong

Credit to Wanda Kick-Serve Mosley
Credit to Jeannie Menor
No more Wu for you! Caption and photo by Shannon Sung.


  1. Soo cute!! I have to put a Milu bow on Charlie! :)

  2. Love your blog! I also love cats!

  3. Love it, the cats are all great!!!!

  4. ...why do people with light-colored cats think they have a look-a-like. ridiculous

  5. Must haves: food, water, shelter. Wants: cat tote bags.

  6. As the owner of a black cat, the Milu items were my main focus, as well. Got the scarf and tee online, and the cat tote is coming to me this week courtesy a lovely lady at the Facebook group. Yay success!

  7. The ladies and gents in the Wu group are such great people! I find myself checking it more often than I should and trying to resist the urge to buy things haha :)
    Beauty-Flawed Blog

  8. Hi Rachel, thanks for entering the contest for the "Milu" cat scarf giveaway at maskofrunway.blogspot.com
    If you win the scarf then the scarf will be yours for free, I won't ask for any money because that a thanks for all my blog reader :)