Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Experience with Jason Wu for Target Post 1 of 3

Designer clothes don't really interest me. Mostly because I'm a high school student who couldn't afford a $100 tank top. But when I read Catsparella's Jason Wu Preview, I knew that I had to own all the cat pieces from his collection.

Catsparella's post was from January 11, and the collection didn't come out until February 5, so there was still a while to wait, and drool at the Youtube video featuring Milu, the black cat. The tag line was "Mischief is in the details" and the collection is inspired by Wu's cat muse Milu. This cat looks just like my little black kitty Sabrina. I knew owning the collection was fate.

And the fact that the collection is reasonably priced made it even more clear that it was destiny. The cat tote priced at $39.99, the cat scarf at $19.99 as well as the Milu tee shirt at $19.99.
The accessories page when the site launched the collection.

My original plan was to be at my Target at 8 am on February 5th when the collection launched, since my local Target was expecting to get the collection. Of course, I found myself reading the Target Style Facebook wall posts and learned that the collection would launch some time in the "early morning" which could mean 12 am and/or any time after that. So I figured, what the heck, I would stay up a little after midnight and see if I could buy anything.

Well after many waves of anxiety of missing the cat items, mutliple refreshes of the Target Style Facebook page and the Target website, I was able to buy two of the Milu totebags and two Milu scarves (one for me, one for my mom). It was 1:30 am, I was satisfied and went to bed and did not intend to go to Target in the morning.

I woke up at 11:30 am to read the posts from the early morning shoppers. I read that some people were in long lines, some were first in line, some Targets had barely anything from the collection, and some people were vultures (like the people in Miami) and bought all of the Jason Wu collection to sell on eBay for 300-500% marked up prices.

My mom had bought a few shirts online, and then headed off to our local Target to see if there was anything left. It turned out our Target sold out everything in five minutes, and there wasn't even the official Jason Wu display to showcase the item. My mom bought one shirt and headed home, defeated that she didn't get the Blue Floral Classic Flap Handbag, but glad that we had Milu items on the way.

Cream tie top!

Still reading the posts on the Target Style Facebook page, I became worried that my orders would be cancelled, as many people had posted. Fortunately, by Tuesday 2/7 all my orders had shipped.

Pretty wiped out on Tuesday

I even found myself at our other local Target on Tuesday 2/7 and was surprised at what I saw! Two Jason Wu displays, and they even had some clothes on them! Most of the clothes left were in the large, extra large or size 16 range. I was surprised that there were even clothes left at all, when they had sold out online. I didn't buy anything though.

UPS man coming to the house

The purchases!

Someone tried to snag my Wu!

So excited to have the bags.
And then on Thursday 2/9, my Milu scarves came in the mail! I came into the house screaming with glee! I tried it on and wore it for the rest of the day. I kept checking the UPS website to track the rest of my clothes and totebags and it turned out they were scheduled to arrive on Friday 2/10. And on Friday night, all the cat items were home safely with me!

This is post 1 of 3 of my Wu saga. Stay tuned for later posts this week!


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Love the tie front top on you. I can't pull of a scarf for some reason!

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  3. I did the online ordering thing as well it was quite stressful refreshing and refreshing! In the end I think it was totally worth it :) Found you on Wu Sistas & Mistas
    Beauty-Flawed Blog