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SCB's Third Annual Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Welcome back to Sandpiper Cat Blog's 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide! This guide is one of my favorite posts to do, because I get to round up all of the great cat themed items out there and share them with you, my readers. I cannot believe this is my third year writing this post, but then again it is hard to believe that I have been blogging for almost FIVE years (in March)!

Bookmark our SCB Holiday 2015 board on Pinterest, as I will update it if I see any other great cat items for the holidays.

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Category One: Books

Coming December 8, is the much anticipated sequel to New York Times Best Selling Author, Gwen Cooper's Homer's Odyssey: A fearless feline tale, or how I learned about love and life with a blind wondercat. 

The new book, is entitled Homer: The ninth life of a blind wondercat. Homer will be available only on Homer will conclude his story, a life that was very much saved by Cooper. Homer enhanced Cooper's life and changed it for the better, and this 115 page novel spans four years.

Check back on Sandpiper Cat Blog for a review of the new book!

If you know or have tortie/tortoishell cats, you probably know that they are unlike any other felines. Torties have attitude...or as Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat refers to it as, tortitude. King writes about torties from a personal and professional perspective. Expert insights and gorgeous photography will be folded into the pages of this exciting new novel.

King's new book, Tortitude: The BIG book of cats with a BIG attitude, will be available on February 5, 2016. So while you might not be able to physically gift a copy of the book, a pre-order for a friend is just the same! Plus getting gifts in a few months is always fun.

Available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Category One-and-a-half: (Adult) Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are super in right now, and I have to say, there is something really awesome about this fad. I love the soothing motion of coloring in lines, and find it really relaxing. Adults have so much stress in their lives, and coloring books are a great stress relief method. Coloring books are not just for kids anymore! 

Margaret Gates Root of Feline Nutrition Foundation, has designed a wonderful Color Cats book that is one of more to come. She has created, to channel her passion for drawing and cats. The book is presented in landscape style, which is mindful of both right and left handed people (no paws!). The first page has a mouse toy featured on it; and the little mouse is hidden in every drawing through the book. Check out a sample page here!

Available on Amazon.

Another coloring book for adults that is stunning, is BZTAT's Color Me Cats. The return to childhood through coloring books is a great escape from reality, which is much needed. BZTAT's unique style is seen throughout her 25 original drawings. There are even a few dogs seen in the book...can you find them?

Available from BZTAT studios.

Category Two: Cat toys 

I was browsing in World Market the other day, and I saw these little lucky cat toys, made with American catnip! I am a huge fan of Maneki Nekos, the Japanese lucky cat - so I had to pick these up for my cats. The sniffed them out of the shopping bag and everyone instantly loved them. Charlie, Polly, Piper and Vickie spent the night licking them and kicking them - what a hit!

Available from World Market.

I spend a huge amount of time in Target, which means I'm always finding something new and fun to try out. I found myself at the endcap of the pet aisle, which had these adorable cat scratcher houses. Let me just tell you, these houses are a HUGE hit! The cats really enjoy spending time in their little cozy scratch houses. I commend Target for these awesome cat designs - they really are fantastic with a great aesthetic. They fit well tucked away in the corner of your home.

Available from Target in gingerbread and a holiday gift box.

Category Three: Cat Lover Accessories

 Now, we received a CatLadyBox in August 2015 that we really adored! Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, and Dorian Wagner has outdone herself with her CatLadyBox subscription service. Available in the CatLadyBox (2-3 cat themed items) or CRAZY CatLadyBox (same as regular PLUS at least 2 items for your cats). 

Our August 2015 box was exciting and had so many great items.
The prices of the boxes vary and are available to pay month to month, 3 month prepay and 6 month prepay. A wonderful idea for your cat loving friend, there is no way they will be disappointed with a unique array of goodies, handpicked and approved by the CatLadyBox team (yes, that includes Dorian's cats!).

Triple-T Studios has outdone themselves with items this year. I have a particular affinity for these two items, which are great for your cat lady who loves to travel. 

The Catwalk Cosmetic Bag is a great way to store your favorite cosmetics while traveling, whether it's far away or just to work or school. Designed exclusively for Triple-T Studios, this bag even has little pawprints on the back of it!

The Tiniest Tiger Duffle is a sleek black suitcase, with embroidered cats. Proudly pronounce your love for cats while traveling with this machine washable duffel!

Last but not least is for the favorite writer and cat lover in your life! The Cat Lined Kraft Journals from World Market feature two different cover designs with black and white cats. The pages are lined and have a cat on each page. The 96 pages in these journals is plenty of space to write down ideas of all sorts.

Available from World Market here.

Piper and I thank you for joining us for our 3rd annual holiday gift guide! 2015 absolutely flew by, but we cannot wait to see what 2016 brings us.

Happy Holidays and Warm Regards!

Rachel & Sandpiper

Disclosure: Some of the items in this blog post were sent to me for review. Receiving complimentary items did not influence my post or opinion and never will. Some items were purchased with my own money. Sandpiper Cat Blog is not liable for your purchases with third parties.

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