Friday, October 4, 2013

Spotlight Post: Philly Loves Lacquer

Today's post features nail polish, which is different than the cat products I normally write about. Before you get excited...this is people nail polish -  not for cats! But there is a cat related aspect to this post!

I'm unhealthily obsessed really into collecting nail polish. You know what they say? Two items is one & a spare, three is a collection. I'm a little beyond that ;)

But while browsing Etsy, I found Philly Loves Lacquer, an indie nail polish brand created by Esther Fox. I bought a bottle of her "Skittle Tits" polish and eagerly waited its arrival. While applying the polish, I noticed that the side of the bottle said, "$1 of this bottle's proceeds helped save a cat's life," I was so excited that I could expand my nail polish collection and help cats at the same time!

Skittle Tits over a different polish.

Sandpiper Cat Blog: How did you find out about the Forgotten Cats?
Philly Loves Lacquer: I found out about the organization Forgotten Cats, when I went to my local Petsmart here in Philly. They take care of the adoption centers in our area, and I am always going to look at the kitties. I did some research and decided that since they were local to me, that they'd be the perfect organization to donate to.

SCB: What made you want to donate $1 of your nail polish proceeds to the Forgotten Cats?
PhLL: Forgotten cats doesn't just do TNR, which is why I was drawn to them in the first place. Right now, I am also doing $5 per full size full collection, and $2.50 per mini size full collection.

SCB: Do you have any cats?
PhLL: My husband and I currently have four cats, all of which are rescues. Precious (12 years old), Monkey (also 12) , Peppermint (7) and Floyd (5).

SCB: How did you star the nail polish making?
PhLL: A friend of mine started her own brand of indie polish, and she got me addicted to nail polish. I became a Julep Maven, and that was my "gateway drug" so to speak. Then in February, my husband suggested I try and make my own, and then Philly Loves Lacquer was born. I wanted to have something that was based off my favorite city, and I wanted to pour my creativity into it, while saving some cats at the same time :)
The nail polish came beautifully wrapped - perfect for gift giving!
If you are interested in purchasing nail polish from Philly Loves Lacquer, I highly recommend her well made polishes. She lives and makes all of her polish in the City of Brotherly Love. It is 4-free and cruelty free lacquer. 
Visit for more information.

I was not compensated for this review, I used my own money to buy this product. All opinions are my own.

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