Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spotlight Post: Floof Bug Etsy Shop

I love shopping therefore I love Etsy. And when I read my friend Catsparella's Floof Bug Giveaway post, I had to hop over to Kellie Michelle's Etsy page and paperie shop!

Kellie is located in San Diego, California. She made a change in 2012, when she decided to start her own business - Floof Bug! Kellie has a selection of stationary, notecards, prints, necklaces and headbands featuring her animated kitty, Lulu Lolli. Lulu Lolli is inspired by her cat Lulu!

Lulu! Photo courtesy of Kellie.

A box full of Lulu. Photo courtesy of Kellie.

Kellie loves smarties, so naturally her pictures in her shop are set up with a candy background.

Smarties and cats, does it get better?

In addition to loving shopping, I am also a huge letter writing nerd and stationary junkie. I loved her stationary set featuring her Lulu Lolli images and a chandelier! 

Photo courtesy of Kellie.

I purchased the stationary writing set for $10 on sale - they are normally $14. This design isn't available, but other ones that are currently you can find here. Kellie has a promotion code currently - MAYPROMO2 that gives free shipping! You can enter it at the check out. The sets come with 8 sheets of paper, 4 envelopes and 4 stickers.

Below are pictures of my letter writing process and my thoughts!

My completed letter to my friend Lindsay, written on a piece of pink stationary and a piece of blue stationary. I wrote it with my fountain pen and it did not bleed through (which is always a concern).  The paper is really nice quality and has a great feel to it.
Fountain pens always make me want to write in cursive, the paper was very easy to write on and the ink went on smoothly.
I had to sign a little paw next to Lulu!
And of course I had to close the envelope with a Lulu sticker!

I really enjoyed writing a letter to my friend, Lindsay, on the stationary. It was a nice change of pace from my usual stationary and it's always fun to have cat stationary! The paper is beautiful and well worth the price. And don't forget the free shipping code (Maypromo2) that you can use for free shipping!

Make sure to visit Kellie and her amazing creations on her Etsy page and enjoy her beautiful selections of products!

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