Thursday, September 20, 2012

Less Adoptable Pet Week Sept. 17-23, 2012

What is the same about all of these things:

Black cats. Blind cats. Feral cats. FIV+ cats. Senior cats. Deaf cats. 

If you answered that the commonality is that these cats are harder to adopt out, you are correct! Less adoptable, means that these cats take longer to find forever homes than a spunky little kitten.

Petfinder's Less Adoptable Pet Week is a wonderful week that celebrates those pets that are harder to adopt.

One of my cats, Victoria, was a less adoptable cat. She was the mother of one of our kittens, so we took her in as a foster - hoping we could find her a good home. She hid in behind a cabinet, in the dry wall in our basement for three days. We slid food in and out of the small hole in between the wall and the cabinet, like she was a prisoner in solitary confinement. It took months for her to come out of the basement, and even peer her head around the basement door. If she got sppoked, she ran back downstairs. It was her zone of comfort. Seven years later, today, our little Vickie is as friendly as can be. She keeps us company while we watch TV, read the newspaper, sleep on the bed next to my parents and even come to the bathroom with us (shh, don't tell my mom I told you!). It took a long time for her to be comfortable around us, and had we not kept her, she would've been next to impossible to adopt out. Here are two shots of Vickie today, enjoying a patch of sun on our screened in porch.

"Please don't pet me while I'm vulnerable, or I'll swat you!" says Vickie.

Trust me, I'm not asking for a belly rub - I will swat you if you try!

Petfinder asks you to look for rescues and shelters that may have a less adoptable pet, waiting for you! For example, take a look at two cats in Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation's care. Daffy and Dancer, who both are having a harder time getting adopted.

The Black Ones:
Daffy, who is sweet and a little daffy, even if she's dark and hard to photograph.
Photo/quote courtesy of Cat Volunteer Coordinator Email.

The Ones with "Issues"
Dancer...I love to be petted, but if you don't stop when I tell you I've had enough, I'll swat you!
Photo/quote courtesy of Cat Volunteer Coordinator Email. 

So please, the next time you decide to bring a new furry friend into your home, adopt a less adoptable pet! They need you more than you know.


  1. How are those two hard to adopt? They are adorable! I thought all cats swatted when they were tired of being petted.

    1. It really is surprising that these two are harder to get adopted. Another factor is probably their age and that they're not as desired as cute kittens.