Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Review: Moo Kitty Finds A Home

I couldn’t stop. Everything I was reading was so touching, so moving, that I felt like I was experiencing it too. Books don’t always make you feel like you’re the main character, and few do when it is a children’s book. Moo Kitty Finds a Home by Valerie Lee Veltre, is a perfect example of a children’s book that puts you in the shoes of the main character, in this case is a cat named Moo!

The story of Moo Kitty is true, and it certainly will resonate with readers, children and parents alike. Moo Kitty enjoys his life with his human, until she goes to heaven. Then Moo is all alone. Dazed and confused at being left outside, three Angel kitties visit him and tell them they will help him.

When I read Moo Kitty Finds a Home for the first time, I had just lost my cat May. Reading that one of the angel cats was named Maybelle made me smile.

While Moo is in the shelter, he is often overlooked by people because he is older and not as cute as the rambunctious kittens. Moo feels sad as all the other cats and animals leave the shelter before him.  Kittens are often picked before the adult cats, meaning the older cats spend a longer time at the shelter. They too, become sad like Moo. But every cat has their day…read Moo Kitty Finds a Home to find out what happens to Moo!

Moo Kitty hit home for me, because I volunteer at a cat rescue, and often wonder where the cats came from before they were in the rescue. Were they once loved and left behind? Did they get out and get lost?

Veltre was inspired to write Moo Kitty, based on a personal experience.

In the back of the book, there are many wonderful pages with tips about the Benefits of Adopting an Adult Pet, Tips for Adopting an Adult Pet and information for selection and settling the new pet in. More information can be found online, as well as purchasing Moo Kitty at 

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