Friday, March 30, 2012

Piper's First Official Vet Visit

Don't get the wrong idea from the post title - Piper has been to the vet before, back in March and April of last year when she had to have her emergency spay and subsequent check up. 

However, this was Piper's first visit to our official vet. Of course, this wasn't a planned vet trip...

Wednesday afternoon my mom noticed Piper was squint and keeping her right eye closed. We try not to be over-reactionary, but we decided to make a vet appointment to get her eye looked out. I made sure I was available to be there when Piper went to the vet, because she is my baby! I always keep a close watch one her, and I was very concerned that something was wrong with her eye.

Piper being examined by Dr. Ellison
 I noticed while Piper was being examined, that one of her whiskers fell out! I love finding their whiskers. I stuck it in the blue folder (okay so I'm a little weird, but didn't you see Catsparella's post with the people who collect whiskers?)

Piper getting a numbing eye drop.
Dr. E taking a closer look at Piper's eyes.
 The vet felt that Piper's eyes were a little inflamed, most likely from another cat and her having a rough play. She wrote down a list of suggested ointments for us to apply to Piper's eye for a day - so it will be cleared up soon! What a relief! 

Piper had the rest of her exam and got her shots, as well as a nail trim and getting a horrible matt removed (poor long haired cats). 

Piper is a very healthy cat - 9.6 pounds! She is now a little shy of two years old. I was glad that Pipes was healthy and doing well, and that her eye was nothing to worry about. She will  be back to her old self in no time.

Meanwhile...I think we may have caught the bloody-pawed culprit...


  1. very glad that all will be well with Piper. I know how scary those things can be, especially when it pertains to the eyes. We went through something similar with Dakota. Sending hugs and kisses to Piper

  2. Lita and the boys in MelbourneApril 2, 2012 at 8:45 PM

    We are pleased you are well, little Piper. there are always culprits in cat families...always. And thanks for your book review the other day, sounds worth having. :)

    1. Welcome to our blog Lita and the boys in Melbourne! Do you have a blog? Thanks for the comment.