Friday, March 2, 2012

Ella Goodwin Cat Brooch Giveaway!

*Winner was comment #10 Lost in Arkansas! Enjoy your new Brooch!

 I start my day on the computer and end my day on the computer.  I’m always on Facebook, email, my blog – and one of my favorite online sites to buy things – Etsy.  I've come across many excellent sellers on Etsy, and spent many a paycheck there!

My friend Stephanie at Catsparella is always turning me on to cat product Etsy sellers. The most recent seller she posted about was Shop Miss Ella, by illustrator Ella Goodwin
And of course, this necklace is what won me over. I purchased it and wore it the moment it came! Ella packaged it in a beautiful wrapping paper and included her business card (great business woman!). 

Ella Goodwin's career path started off in costume making which led to embroidery which led to having to learn digital embroidery, she said. She then gained an interest in digital, did a degree in Animation followed by a Masters in Animation. After making lots of animated sites, she was brought right back to using traditional methods instead of computers. She adds she does a lot of finishing digitally still. Ella is now focusing on hand illustration particularly for children's narrative. 

Ella also did PGCert in teaching for Higher Education and she teaches illustration and graphic design part time as well as working as a digital technician at her local art school part time. 

On her funky designs, Ella says, "I guess I do fit a lot in, my brain gets filled up quickly with whimsical worlds and has to be emptied as frequently as possible!"

Tiger with a cute pink cat-toy.

Tiger and Chewbacca in their preferred bed.
Ella has two uber fluffy tabbies, as she puts it, named Tiger and Chewbacca. They prefer to sleep in an old cardboard box instead of their posh fluffy beds under the heater.

Ella’s father has a cat named Persephone, who is her inspiration for all of her Percy the Cat images.
Persephone looking relaxed!

She has kindly offered to do a giveaway of the Cat Brooch! Ella is located in the UK – so the giveaway is open to anyone! She has also offered a coupon ‘PERCYLOVE’ which gives a 20% discount on all items in her Etsy shop.

You can find Ella on Facebook here! Fan her and then leave a comment on my blog with your email so I have a way to contact you. Anonymous entries will be ignored.

The winner will be chosen on Friday March 9, at 3 PM EST. Good luck!
Brooch Ella is giving away!


  1. That is so cute, I love Catsparella, they post the cutest things and make me go broke buying stuff for my cats and myself!!!!

  2. It's adorable. I liked her page and would love to win.

  3. Allie: *squeee!* a PINK CAT TOY!

    Maxwell: uhh, Allie...that's not the giveaway.

    FaRADaY: Yeah, it's that kewl sleeping kitteh that looks like ME!!!

    Maxwell: you ALWAYS think it's ALL about you. Dude.

    Allie: *wiggles pink toenails* We're entering! We're entering! *giggle!*

  4. I'm in. I like pins to wear on my suits. Marcia

  5. cute kitties! xx

    p.s. I'm having a shoe giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :)

  6. I liked her page. She has such a cool style.

    My email address is:

  7. This is so cute, I love the style of her stuff!!!!

  8. Yay, cat brooch!!!