Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Teal Cat Project/National Feral Cat Day

Cat figures I aquired this summer, all antiques except for cat with bell.
My family is notorious for antiques. And of those antiques, more than 50% of them are cat tchotckes (I knew the word but had to look up how to spell this!). We have cat decanters, that used to have whiskey in them. My dad has a collection of black cat with red bow figurines. Those are really popular.

Cat decanters

Black and red cat collection

I learned about this really cool "project" through Facebook a few weeks ago. It is called The Teal Cat Project. Here is their philosphy, from their website:

Well, we love thrifting and crafting. On an outing to scour Omaha’s many thrift stores for kitty cat tchotchkes to use as centerpieces for a fundraiser (guess what, it was a fundraiser for cats!), we thought of selling the centerpieces to raise a little extra cash. And then we thought it would be a good idea if we could make the kitties just a little bit cooler in some way. And then somehow, in a fevered dream, it all made sense. We spray paint them. Teal is cool. We make each one collectible, like a Cabbage Patch Kid. The kids go crazy. We give all the money to cat rescue groups. This is who we are.

Cat lamps and figures

Cat lamp
 Basically, the Teal Cat Project takes a little cat figurine from an antique store and makes it unique by spray painting it teal, and then selling them online. Each cat has a unique number, so that buyers know that the Teal Cat is authentic.

I love reading their Facebook posts about when they find new cats to paint. They even allow you to "donate a tchotchke" for them to paint. Of course, they state on their website that "part of the project is to use the kitties that are already out there in the world, not to create more," just like people who rescue cats want people to adopt already existing cats in shelters or rescues, instead of buying a cat from a breeder.

Ocean City, MD antique salt and pepper shakers (tall cats)

Salt and pepper shakers from antique store in Covesville, VA

Cat pen holder

Lovely ladies!

Mounted wall cats

Mantle cats

Some other odds/ends cats
Currently, there are no teal cats for sale. The store hopes to get new teal cats out before the holidays. I know I will be constantly refreshing their page, looking for new cats to buy!

Mom's nails in "Mint Candy Apple"

My nails, in "Mint Candy Apple" - using Henry as a nail display.
In the mean time, you can support the Teal Nail Project, which is tomorrow Sunday October 16, 2011 to celebrate National Feral Cat Day. All one has to do is paint their nails teal!

You can visit the Ally Cat Allies website and learn about  National Feral Cat Day.

Cheers to teal cats and nails!

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