Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 DBBB Tasks 7, 8, 9 & 10 (I'm behind!)

Task 7 - Link Posts

Is this something you’ve done in the past?  Yes, I try to link to other blogs in my posts, such as my beach blog!
What has been the outcome? I definitely get hits through this method.
How do you follow other blogs so that you can link to them? I follow them on  Blogger. Some I get emails when they make new posts.
How did you use the link in your post? I use a hyper-link.
If you’ve used blog links before, was there one way you used them in your posts? I use them when I am talking about other blogs or people or products.
If you’ve had your blog linked to, what has been the result? I got hits from people I wouldn't have, and it makes me happy to know others are reading my blog.

Task 8 - Interlink your old blog posts
Have you done this in the past?  Yes I try to do this as often as I can, like my first blog post that launched this blog; about my foster cat Piper.
Do you notice you get more traffic to older posts?  Yes! Surprisingly I got a comment on an old post, which I was very curious about.
If you’ve interlinked your posts and use a plug-in that recommends similar posts, have you notice if interlinking or the plug-in gets more views for older posts? I also post all my blog posts to Sandpiper Cat Blog's Facebook and

Task 9 - Join a Forum and Start Participating
If you already belong to a forum, do you find it helpful? I belong to the online BlogPaws community.
 If so, in what way(traffic, post ideas, etc)? Well, I participate in the Newbie to BlogPaws group and the 31 Days to Build a better blog.

Task 10 - Set up Alerts to Monitor your blog's niche
How do you keep track of what is going on in the pet world? I suscribe to many animal blogs and get email updates.
Do you have alerts set up? Yes, I get email  updates for every comment response.
How do you use them for blogging (post ideas, to monitor what is being said about you/your blog)? I use the stats on my blogger and I can tell in what country I'm getting hits from.

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  1. ok I can't resist. I have been keeping my mouth shut for too long. The "31DBBB" reminds me of ONE HELL of a BRA SIZE!!