Friday, October 31, 2014

Meowloween Saftey (Halloween 2014)

Piper says Happy Halloween witchees!
With Halloween just hours away, it is important to remember you should put away  your kitties when you are opening the front door for trick-or-treaters. That way, they can't scurry out the door while you are handing out candy to cute little ghosts, witches and the occasional cat.

At Sandpiper Cat Blog,  we take opening the front door very seriously. We rarely ever use the front door because we are worried about our cats getting outside, as they are strictly indoor cats. We even get into our house by going through the garage and laundry room. We call this the "air lock" because we wait for the garage door to be completely down before opening the door into the laundry room. Just like our cat May, Piper is able to jimmy open the laundry room door. Naughty girl!

Bobby says: Make sure all your black cats are put away safely!

For my family, it is crucial that we make sure our black cats, Henry, Bobby and PHolly, are away in the basement with the others. It would be really hard to see a black cat dart out the front door at nighttime, just as it would be hard for them to see a car going down the street.

Black cats have a connotation of bad luck, especially when one crosses your path. If we believed this myth, we wouldn't have three black cats. It is extremely important that all cats, especially black cats,  are firmly planted far away from the front door.

Halloween brings a lot of strange noises and strange people, and even the calmest cat can become frightened and disoriented if they get out. Just in case, make sure she has a collar and ID tag on at all times.

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