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Zodiac Compatibility with Sandpiper Cat!

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~I was recently reached out to by a Pet Psychic who wanted to feature a post on my compatibility with Piper. I was so excited to hear what they thought of Piper and I, since we have such a strong bond. All I had to share was my birthday (December 30) and Piper's birthday (September 9) and here it is down below! 

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And now without further ado...

Family pets have always had a purpose for the productivity of the home. Some dogs would be used to herd sheep, milk from cows would help nourish the family, and the chickens in the coop provided a multi-purpose food item. However, each animal’s role wasn't always the only reason their humans kept them by their side.

The human-animal bond has the potential to be one of the strongest relationships in our lives. The unconditional love and raw emotions that animals exude help form a powerful connection with human and pet. In fact, many believe improved heart health and overall lower stress and anxiety levels are in direct connection to having an animal companion around.

Both being living creatures, humans and their pets also each have specific astrological profiles that can affect the nuances of their relationship. Let’s take a look at Rachel and her cat, Piper (aka Sandpiper):

Rachel – The Capricorn

The Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and it is also an Earth sign. Those born under this sign are notably tolerant, loyal, and responsible. Like the mountain goat – constantly trying to climb higher up the mountain – Capricorn sets their sight high and climbs past any obstacles in order to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile, being an Earth sign always keeps the Capricorn with at least one foot on the ground while they are ascending to their goals. To do this, they will always take a well thought out and practical approach.

Jupiter is the ruling astrological planet on Rachel’s birthday, December 30th. This interjects a higher level of energy to Rachel’s Capricorn traits. Those born on this date are very friendly, loyal, and honest in their expressions. They have an overall positive outlook which causes them to be idealistic but with their Capricornian sense of responsibility interjected to avoid becoming unfocused.

Piper – The Virgo

Virgo pets tend to be very demanding animals. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to make their desires known. Like the human Virgo, you will often see animal Virgos taking extra care to maintain cleanliness. They will either look forward to bath time or spend more time grooming than normal.
The Virgo pet can also be very picky, which plays into their sometimes demanding demeanor.  They know what they want to eat, when they want to play, and when they want to be left alone. They expect you to know all this as well.

While demanding, the Virgo pet also is capable of exceptional love and doesn’t require too much to be happy. They don’t need extravagant food or toys; they just prefer the same toys and food they’re used to. Keeping it simple and consistent is all it takes to keep this animal sign on your side.

Rachel and Piper’s Compatibility

With both being Earth signs, Rachel and Piper are already prone to being a more compatible match. Neither is flighty, and both don’t require extravagance. Since both pet and pet parent can be prone to getting somewhat emotional, they can respect each other’s grounded beliefs, ways of doing things, and desires.

With Rachel being a Capricorn, working endlessly to achieve her goals, she likely took the extra time and effort to figure out Piper. Her patience led to a deeper understanding of Piper and allowed her to keep a consistent schedule that caters to Piper’s needs and desires. With these needs being met, Virgo Piper shines brightly and is able to show great love for Rachel.

On top of that, Rachel nursed Piper back to health. Rachel’s act of love and kindness proved to the Virgo cat that Rachel was loyal and caring. Rachel’s care helped maintain and improve Piper’s health – very important to the Virgo – which further deepened Piper’s feelings for Rachel.

They definitely are a match made in the stars!

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