Monday, August 26, 2013

Pearl's Basement Excavations: Shoes & Henry's Surprise

No matter what Pearl brings up from the basement, it is always a surprise. We always wonder where she found the item and what made it appealing for her to carry in her mouth.

The other day, Pearl came up with a baby doll shoe. Actually, I'm not totally sure it wasn't one of my baby dress up shoes from when I was little! It's so cute, with the beading detail. I guess Pearl liked the ribbons it has  to tie the shoe on.

Surprisngly, Henry (Pearl's husband) brought something up from the basement last night. This is somewhat out of character for him, so I figured it was too odd not to post about!

Henry brought up two rubber bracelets (the "Livestrong" bracelets, if you will). He carried them up in his mouth and was chewing on them. Henry has a problem with pica and he pretty much chews anything when he gets bored. He is known to munch on paper back books, school textbooks, any paper that comes out of the printer, paper bags and even leather purses.

The bracelets were definitely well hidden in the basement, because none of us recognized them.

Pearl and Henry, in a heart shape, after a hard night's excavations.

Until the next basement excavation...!

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