Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cattoo Tattoo Review & Giveaway!

I'm baaaack! Sorry I have been on a blogging hiatus. I was finishing up (well, still am) my first semester at community college. My life has been so busy, that blogging took a back seat. But with good reason! I'm trying to transfer to our local university, so I've poured every ounce of my being into my school work. The results are paying off!

My friend Kate, Benjamin, owner of Modern Cat  and Cattoo Design gave me an opportunity to review and giveaway her latest cattoos, designs by Sebastien Millon! I reviewed Kate's first Cattoos back in October 2011, which you can read here. He and Kate made a great duo - ask you can see from the cute designs.

"I know Sebastien from the Downtown Phoenix small business and arts community. He and I became friends and we knew we wanted to collaborate on a project. The tattoos are our first collaboration," said Kate.

You can purchase the Cattos by Sebastien here.

The cattoos are easy to apply. You press them against the skin, hold down for 30 seconds and voila!

*The winner of this giveaway will win the three of Sebastien's cattoos: Identity Crisis, Cat with fish and lion. They each have two tattoos to the pack. Please enter by  Thursday December 20, 2012 by 12 AM EST. Winner will be contacted by email - so please leave your email! I can't enter you, if you don't leave me your contact information! US ONLY please!

Good luck!

I chose Identity Crisis and Kitty With Fish.

Kitty with fish on my wrist.

I love this!

This one gets me every time, the cow entendre!


  1. These are too cute! I love the identity crisis one the best!