Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nature's Variety Instict Raw Boost Kibble Review & Giveaway!

Today I have a cool giveaway for FOUR lucky winners! Nature's Variety let me review their new Instinct Raw Boost kibble in their chicken meal formula. According to their website, the food is grain and gluten free, helps with maintaining cat weight, has freeze dried raw coating for great taste and nutrition, formulated for rotation feeding and is perfectly acceptable for all life stages and all breeds!

"Proving “a little boost can make a big difference,” Instinct Raw Boost is a revolutionary pet food that integrates Instinct’s unique freeze-dried raw formulas with its premium, grain-free kibble. This first-ever combination allows pet owners to provide their pet the nutrition and taste of raw food  in the convenient and familiar dry kibble form.  The kibble is low-carb, and the freeze-dried raw pieces contain natural enzymes for digestive health.  Instinct Raw Boost diets are available in three protein formulas for dogs – chicken, duck, and venison. For cats, two protein formulas are available – chicken and duck. Instinct Raw Boost can be found at independent pet food retailers nationwide as well as select PETCO locations." -Nature's Variety

For my review testers, I fed the kibble to the feral cats at our local university. My mom and I help feed them, and we thought that this kibble would be a delicious treat for them.

Annie (front) and Catnan (behind) chowing down.


Nom nom nom. Slurp!

Annie enjoying the sun!

The kibble in Annie and Catnan's bowl.

Verdict? Annie and Catnan think this food is very nommy and they can't wait to get another taste again!

Thank you all for entering! The four bags have been claimed. Thank you to my readers for helping make this giveaway be successful!
For the giveaway, the first FOUR people who comment will get a FREE bag of the Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost kibble! GO! 
Please leave your email, or your entry will not be counted.
I will post when the giveaway is closed.


  1. Watson says, "Did you say free kibble? I'm on that!" I won't mention the weight control part of it!

  2. I would love to try some on our guys.

  3. Feed my cat mostly wet food, but would love to try this too :)

  4. hey rachel i would love to give one of these to the animal shelter

  5. since Nisha didn't leave her email, does she count?? it probably does if not, you can reach me at connie at kittyblog dot net..

    1. She is actually someone I know how to get in contact with, but if I don't hear from any of these people, you are next on the list! Thank you for entering :)

      Check back soon for lots of giveaways coming!

  6. rats, missed it! That's what I get for being behind on my blog visits!!