Monday, August 22, 2011

Secret Lives of Cats

Ever wonder what your cats do when you're out of town and the pet sitter comes? Well, typically the cats or dogs meet me at the door.I always say hi to them and ask them how they're doing. I know they're probably hungry so I go straight to feed them. That usually takes a few minutes. Dogs go out on their walks.

When everyone is done eating, I like to pet the cats and that's when I get to know their personalities. It's also when I learn about their idiosyncrasies and if it earns them a nick name! For example, Yani ended up becoming Yansters, Ray-Ray I was calling Roo, and Ray's brother Milo became Moo - I refered to them as Roo and Moo!

After petting and playing with the cats I will clean their litter boxes, eating areas and dishes they've used. Then it is time for some more play time. I always promise the kitties and dogs that I will come back tomorrow and I always make sure to tell them when their owners are coming home.

Everyone sees me to the door, and I leave in time to come back tomorrow!

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